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Jason A. - Perth (Mushing Pro scooter) member of Western Australian Sleddog Sport Association

Although I am new at the sport of dog sledding I have a lot of experience with conventional racing bikes and MTBs. I did a massive amount of research into getting the right scooter for the job and firmly believe in investing in the best tool you can afford, as it will save you money in the long run. The Kostka Mushing pro had the best combination of moderate ride height (high enough to clear most track but not so high that it makes scooting exhausting), large footplate size and quality components for me out of all the competitors. The strength of the frame adds little to the overall weight and the quality of the components is all top notch. Factor into your budget that it comes standard with a quality ManMat bungee gangline and an adaptor to keep the line away from the front wheel which you are probably going to need to buy anyway. So all in all and after checking out most of the other brands in person at a beginners sledding camp, I am very happy that I chose the Mushing Pro and believe that it offers the best bang for buck at the top end of off-road mushing scooters. Picture is my Siberian Husky called Ronin and my Mushing pro."

Thank you very much Jason for your review and we wish you all the best and a lot of fun with Ronin and KOSTKA scooter.

This great photo was taken by Emma Smith Papworth at the WASSA camp in Dwellingup Western Australia.
Well done Emma and thank you for the photo!!!

Peter A. - Newcastle (Mushing Pro)

The last weekend Colt came 1st place intermediate dog at the 43rd GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Colt was judged as the best intermediate (18months to 3years) German shepherd dog in Australia.

"Most of the training we did leading up to the Nationals was done with the scooter.
Since Christmas colt has become very strong and very lean, thanks to our urban mushing. ...
The idea behind me buying the scooter was to allow colt to work at a speed and distance he was comfortable with.
A German shepherd likes to gait between 10-15kph and will maintain that speed a lot longer than I can on foot.
The reason we decided on a scooter over a bike was safety and control.
We will continue to scoot not just for training but Colt absolutely loves it, he gets so excited when he sees me getting the scooter out, I think he likes it so much because for once he is leading the pack."








Christian Turner (Mushing Pro scooter)

Australian Iditarod musher

" The Kostka scooter has gone above and beyond what i had expected from a Pro Mushing Scooter, the components including the disk brakes and shock absorbers are top of the range. I am more than happy with the sturdy but still light design and continue to recommend it to anyone I come across during training and races."  Christian Turner 2014 Iditarod Finisher and competitive Dryland Musher.
" Manmat gear has proved to me that is able to withstand any environment, from the harsh rocky terrain of North West Australia to the frigid cold of the Alaskan wilderness. Manmat is tested by some of the best dog drivers from around the world and if they continue to recommend and use it, so will I".




Harwood W. (Mushing scooter)

Cantenbury Sled dog Club - New Zealand

Scooter is amazing, a very smooth ride, very lite weight for the dogs to pull, and glides along easily causing my speed to increase. My last scooter was much slower due to the weight and the fact that the wheels didn't move very freely.




Monika C. - Victoria ( Mushing Pro - Siberian Huskies)

I have the mushing pro model and it's amazing. I have tried a few other ones but I like the extra wide foot plate on Kostka the most. The breaks are fantastic - great value for money.
Michal was extremely helpful during the ordering process and offered some great advise.








Zara F.-K., Adelaide (Tour Dog2 & Alaskan Malamute)

I love it! It's so much easier to ride than what i had been using and so smooth! I noticed it's quality the moment we lifted it out of the box, it is so lite but still feel sturdy Duke (my dog) isn't distracted by it as it doesn't make any noise which is great.
I have got a few people who never knew about mushing into it with their dogs, they have all been so surprised at how much all their dogs loved it! It's definitely a fantastic activity for dogs and their owners :)
I am very happy to have chose it.
Regards, Zara

David D., Perth, (Mushing Pro scooter) - Vice Presidnet of Australian Sled Dog Sport Association and member of Western Australian Sleddog Sport Association

I recently tried the Mushing Pro you sold Andrew here in Perth an must say it is possibly the best sleddog scooter I have tried and there not many in the 11 years I have been sleddog racing I have not tried - excellent scooter. 

 Kate L., Adelaide, (Hill Dog2 scooter) - Dog trainer at  

As a dog trainer with three dogs of my own, but no experience in push scooters,  when I started looking for a dog scooter to buy I also needed some sound advice. Michal from Kick Scooter Sydney   responded promptly to all my emails, cheerfully answered my questions, and helped me select the most suitable scooter for my needs. Once I received the scooter Michal carefully followed up to check that everything was in order. I am delighted with the product - the scooter is great quality, lightweight and easy to handle, and came with an excellent bungee tow line and an attachment to keep the line safely away from the front  wheel. My dogs and I are really enjoying learning about dog scootering and we look forward to lots of fun times together. I would recommend Kick Scooter Sydney to anyone looking for a quality kick scooter from a company that provides great customer service.

Kate, Adelaide  





Kriscross Boxers - breeder, Yunta (Mushing scooter)

Our dogs are exercised out every day, during the winter they have the freedom to explore our lovely country side but during the warmer months when snakes are about we have to be careful that they on the tracks.

With the purchase of the Mushing KOSTKA scooter the dogs are now able to really run and stretch out while attached to the dog hitch at the side. I love it and so do the dogs...... Highly Recommended!! 

Brad P. - Brisbane (Mushing scooter) - member of Northern Expousre Gig Racing Club

We love our new Kostka scooter so much that we have bought another one. Very lightweight. Our first run was with the Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club at Girard State Forest. We had some other members try it out and fell in love! Michal I am sure you will be getting more orders from the club.








Bec S. (Mushing Pro - Labradors)

I have the mushing pro and I love it!






Simon K., Victoria - (Mushing Pro)

I needed to get a new scooter asap as my previous one broke (different make)just before the start of our race season and michal had a mushing pro racer to me in just a couple of days. It's the best I've used and copes with my 2 Alaskan malamutes together and a Siberian husky







Michelle G., Perth, (Hill Dog2 scooter)

I'd like to say I'm very happy with the hill dog 2 with its smooth handling on rough terrain. Light weight which makes it easier for me and my dogs in competition. But my favourite part I would have to say is how the bmx styled Handel bars are set. I feel like I don't have to over reach forward when kicking off which is great compared to other push scooters I've used in the past. Just over all terrific with exceptional service from the Kick scooter Sydney team, cheers guys for all your help.
Michelle - one happy customer :)



Steve O., Vic, (Mushing Pro scooter)

Its awesome!
the ride is great, it handles well on bush tracks and the dogs loving being back in the harness.





Anne M., Adelaide, (Hill Dog2 scooter) 

I am very happy! I really enjoy this new way of moving. I like the momentum and balance and the fact you get a good leg workout. Have had a couple of goes so far but as it is very wet down here I am just waiting for it to dry out again. 
Love it!

Allan & Yvette, Sydney, (Hill Dog2 scooter) 

 Our Boxer girl Xena is very high energy. No amount of walking or dog park or throwing a ball in the backyard helps. So I started looking online and found Kick Scooter Sydney. We bought the Hills Dog 2. The scooter is everything I was hoping for and more. The first run I took Xena on we really gave the brakes a workout, they score 10/10, stopped on a dime. Scootering with Xena is fantastic. She loves the full out speed and it beats walking any day, in fact she has started to run to the scooter when I pick up the harness. I highly recommend Kick Scooter Sydney. Thanks Michal for all your help and advice, also your great after sale service.



Stuart S. (Queensland)

I don't own one, but have used one. Light weight, very balanced & a great product. As for the company; very reliable, delivery & customer service is fantastic... Highly recommended!










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