Footbiking as a sport & racing

Footbiking as a sport started in the 70's. Footbiking is a rapidly growing sport in Europe, US and now in Australia. Footbiking is not expensive all you need is a KOSTKA Footbike, sporting wear, running shoes and place where to go for ride. There is a few races in Australia during the year. Another option is to be part of your local cycling event, ride or race.

Many proffesionals athletes find using footbikes great as a cross training activity (these are Triathletes, Runners, Footy players, Xcountry skiers, Soccer players, Cricket players etc.) 

If you want to try racing, learn more about it or have 1 free training session please let us know.



Australian Footbike Team - Footbike World Championship in the Czech Republic 2014. 

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