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Travelling on KOSTKA kickbike brings joy from movement...

Keep fit and healthy... 

The kick scooter has become the most universal means of transport, suitable for every age category, both athletes and non-athletes and thanks to its affordability it's also used by enthusiasts across different social groups.

It has been proved that unlike cycling, in-line skating, ski-running, walking and other physical activities a scooter has a number of indisputable advantages..

These lie in involving group of muscles during the movement and also in overall health benefits of kick scootering.

It has also been shown that the scoter is a welcome means of transport for general use, particurarly in the city. You can get anywhere on it quickly, park i easily, the scooter is more compact and in the category of human-powered means of transport it is the safest.

Kick Scooter puts a minimum stress on joints and spine.

Kick Scooter is an effective tool for weight loss.

Kick Scooter acts as an outstanding prevention against back pain.

Riding Kick Scooter, you will strengthen lateral back muscles and abdominal muscles.

Kick Scootering is prevention of back problems - during the ride you stabilize the hips and torso.

Kick Scooter shapes problematic parts of things and buttocks.

Kick Scooter helps remove cellulites.

Kick Scooter is gentle on joints and therefore it is highly suitable for rehabilitation after an operatin (e.g. knee or hip).

Kick Scooter is beneficial for people suffering from the consequences of sedentary professions.

Kick Scooter helps people with balance issues.

 Kick Scooter is a new impulse for your life...




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