Kick scootering

5 reasons why you should try kick scootering:

1) Riding a scooter is a new experiance
  • You can start at any age
  • Riding a scooter is truly enjoyable for everyone
  • Suitable for local or long distance
  • Effective transport in large company complexes or warehouses
  • Suitable for wide range of sporting activities
  • Very easy to mount and dismount
  • Very easy to keep balance due to a low centre of gravity

2) For fun and better health

Kick scooters for adults AustraliaKick Scooters for australian trips

  • The movement of kick scootering is quite similar to running or fast walking
  • Your joints are not subject to so much stress as when running
  • Kick scootering is highly recommendable for overweight people
  • You will use more muscles and more uniformly
  • Kick scootering can do wonders for your back muscles
  • Extremely suitable for people with limited mobility or a physical handicap

3) Light-weight and almost maintenance-free

  • As compared with a pushbike, a kick scooter requires only minimum maintenance
  • Scooters are light, between 5.4 to 8 kgs depending on the model
  • You can easily put your scooter in the boot of your car or take it with you on public transport
  • Scooters can be stored with minimum space requirements
  • Low Purchase price as compared to a pushbike

4) Your dog will love your kick scooter too - dog scootering

  • The speed of a scooter ride will suit your dog much better than the speed of a pushbike ride
  • The simple steering of a scooter greatly reduces the risk of collision
  • With the dog adaptor&leash,  your dog can pull you - some dogs enjoy this greatly
  • Any dog who enjoy running is a good candidate
  • Active movement will benefit you as well as your dog

5) Quality & Safety 

Kick Scooter factory Kostka

  • Production is using top laser and robot technologies
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Two year frame warranty
  • Brand-name components from leading manufactures (Shimano, Schwalbe, Remerx, Promax etc.)
  • Strict monitoring of production quality and intensive testing of new models and innovations
  • Lots of safety features to guarantee safe use in road traffic
  • Wide choice of high-quality accessories

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